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Professor David Mann

David Mann is Professor of Neuropathology at Hope Hospital, University of Manchester.  Professor Mann began his academic career with a BSc in Zoology before completing a PhD in Neuropathology.  He was appointed lecturer in Neuropathology in 1976 and Professor of Neuropathology in 1998. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, and the Royal Society of Medicine. 

Professor Mann runs the Manchester Brain Bank, a human brain tissue donation programme, providing neuropathological assessment of tissue to establish neuropathological diagnosis, and acquiring tissues for basic scientific and clinical research into the causes and pathological changes of neurodegenerative diseases. 

Professor Mann is leader of the Clinical Neuroscience Research Group within Manchester University Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, and is co-ordinator of the Manchester Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centre within the Alzheimer’s Research Trust Network.  He is a committee member of the British Neuropathological Society. 

He has published over 250 scientific papers in addition to 3 books on the neuropathology of dementia, and many review articles and book chapters.  A world-ranking authority on the neuropathology of degenerative disorders, he is an invited lecturer on dementia throughout the world. 

Selected Publications