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Professor Julie Snowden

Professor Julie Snowden is a Consultant Neuropsychologist and Honorary Professor of Neuropsychology. Professor Snowden was instrumental in establishing the Cerebral Function Unit as a multi-disciplinary diagnostic clinic in the early 1980s. Her special interest is in young-onset degenerative brain disorders and their associated cognitive and behavioural changes. She has played an important role in the characterisation of focal degenerative disorders including frontotemporal dementia and progressive aphasic syndromes. Her experimental studies of semantic dementia have increased understanding of the interrelationship between language and memory. She helped to establish a multidisciplinary research clinic into Huntington’s disease and remains involved in the Neuropsychological Working Group for the European Huntington’s disease network.  

She has published more than 140 scientific papers and book chapters and is first author of a clinical monograph on frontotemporal lobe degeneration.

Professor Snowden is a practitioner member of the British Psychological Society Division of Neuropsychology. She is a member of a number of International research organisations including the World Federation of Neurology research group into Aphasia and Cognitive Disorders and the Memory Disorders Research Society.

Selected publications

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